About Everdry

The first Everdry Waterproofing franchise opened in 1983 in Cincinnati. Since then, Everdry contractors have expanded across the Midwest and southeastern states and have serviced over 80,000 basements, crawl spaces and slab homes — making them one of the nation's premier foundation repair contractors.

These contractors take a one-on-one approach with their customers and custom tailor solutions based on each homeowner's needs. From simple solutions to more complex problems, they have the tools to analyze it and provide the homeowner with the options to resolve it for the long term.

Everdry locations take an active role in bettering the waterproofing and foundation repair industries. New products and services are an ongoing part of the Everdry philosophy, which has resulted in numerous patents, trademarks and copyrights on the products and services available. Everdry locations have been featured on HGTV and radio programs, and also seek to give back to the communities in which they live.